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Sensory Enhanced Storytime


This inclusive program has been developed for children who are on the autism spectrum or have other developmental disabilities, and is presented at a preschool level of development. Second Saturday of each month, 11:00am. Ages 3 - 12. Some of the enhancements this program offers: Filtered light A variety of comfortable seating options, including therapy balls A bin of fidget toys for those who need extra stimulation A pup tent in the corner for anyone who needs a break from the action Lavender scented oil diffuser A visual schedule of each activity, to provide a sense of predictability A selection of stories and songs that are calmer and gentler than found in the average storytime Sensory playtime following storytime, with items such as kinetic sand

Dates in your area:
Ada Community Library Victory Branch
• Sat 8/10/19 at 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM