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Writer CEO One-Day Workshop


Attend the one workshop that honors the writer entrepreneur! Through fun, interactive classes, we give you the tips and tools you need to propel your writing business forward. We’ll discuss author theme and why you need one, what your strengths are and how to use them to advance your author business, when to take important risks to propel your career forward, and which mindsets you must adopt if you want to succeed as a professional writer. You’ll get proven strategies to help you finish the projects you start, tips to avoid that overwhelmed state that so many writers suffer today, and simple steps to overcome any fears you have around managing your money. You’ll even learn how building your own author ecosystem can help stabilize your business in a fluctuating industry, and discover the advanced marketing strategies that are working for authors today. No matter what kind of writing you do, or how long you’ve been at it, the Writer CEO one-day workshop will help you become the business owner you need to be to achieve the success you deserve. You’ll walk away armed with the tools necessary to push your business forward, as well as the confidence you may have been lacking to do it. Early-bird registration is only $59 until May 31, 2019, and $75 thereafter. To learn more, see

Dates in your area:
Hampton Inn & Suites
• Sat 9/14/19 at 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM