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Installations, Drawings/Works on Paper, Painting, Photography, Ceramics/Pottery, Art Talk, Art Show, Tour

an evening of exploration visiting four art venues: The Idaho Botanical Garden, The Gem Center for the Arts, Surel's Place, and MING. Hop on the artBus for an adventure that spans the universe! Your pass includes: The Idaho Botanical Garden's "Land Form Art" showcasing 10 ephemeral works using natural materials by local artists: Elizabeth Dickey, Alek de Dóchas, Dyan Ferren, Michele Lesica, Jennifer Mahlum, Helen McGill, Lisa Pisano, Claire Remsberg, Heather Wright and Ace Zappa. A visit to Gem Center for the Arts "Lounge at the End of the Universe" including admission to "2417," an immersive art experience (regular $15 admission) and a tour of galleries featuring ceramists and the "Familial Bodies" exhibit. Surel's Place resident artist Matthew Gray Palmer's "Alluvium: Sifting in the sandbox of selfhood" MING studios photographic exhibit "Lay of the Land" featuring Laurie Blakeslee, Jan Boles, John Francis, John Shinn, Carrie Quinney, and New Catalogue (Jonathan Sadler and Luke Batten) Plus food and drinks along the way! The bus is generously sponsored by Boise City Parks & Recreation.