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EcoCamp: Environmental Leadership

Summer Camp, Nature, Hiking, Swimming, Education

EcoCampers are fully immersed in our natural world exploring, and reveling with peers and mentors during one week of overnight camp. Activities include hiking, swimming, camping, games, crafts, and more! Environmental Leadership EcoCamp, students are older and therefore take on more of a leadership role rather than being passive observers. They learn orienteering and backcountry skills, water and forest ecology, and practice the Leave No Trace principles, etc. It is our hope that all campers gain confidence in the outdoors and a deeper understanding of our natural world and bring back their knowledge and passion to our community, sharing it with parents, friends, and younger students.

Dates in your area:
Galena Lodge
• Mon 7/22/19 - Fri 7/26/19 at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM