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Foote Park Interpretive Center Grand Opening

Tour, History/Science

Tours by the Co-Founders Mary Ann Arnold and Janet Worthington will be available at 2:00 and 3:00 p.m DIRECTIONS Go out Highway 21, turn right over Lucky Peak Dam, follow road to Foote Park sign, turn right downhill toward the river. The Grand Opening of the Foote Park Center offers visitors a chance to get to know two important pioneers who lived in the Treasure Valley from 1883 to 1895. Mary Hallock and Arthur DeWint Foote came to Boise to fulfill Arthur’s plan for fertile farms across the valley, made possible by his visionary irrigation system. The Foote Park Center highlights the lives of both Mary, an accomplished artist, illustrator, and author; and Arthur, an experienced engineer and inventor, who followed his dream to provide much-needed water to a high desert. In the Center, Visitors will learn about them through: ·Two 10’ x 3’ colorful panels—one about Arthur’s life and one about Mary’s life—listing key events in their lives, enhanced by photographs and drawings · A artistic mosaic depicting Arthur’s plan for irrigating this area · A window frame looking out on the glory of the surrounding mountains, next to a copy of Mary’s illustration showing the same scene Surrounding the Center, additional exhibits explore life in the Canyon: · Two audio units bring into focus the words of Mary and Arthur as they struggled through difficulties —visitors can choose what selections appeal to them · A view of the remains of the Stone House and an illuminating panel explaining construction and the contents that made it a home · A Fresno scraper, a valuable tool that improved construction on canals · A display of identified natural plants that would have graced the grounds when Footes lived here.

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Foote Park Interpretive Center
• Sun 6/30/19 at 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM