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Ink and Brush Workshop

Drawings/Works on Paper, Class/Workshop

Learn about the power of line by brush. This workshop introduces fundamental elements of traditional ink and brush landscape painting. After basic tool and material introduction, course one will begin with learning how to hold and position the brush in hand to apply subtle variations of strength, speed and concentration in line making. Building on the foundation of line, course two will build up the face of rocks and growing trees with ink and brush. A variety of tree structures and leaf constellations will be introduced. Students will be encouraged to find individual expression of character in the rocks and trees. Upon learning to build a basic compositional environment, course three of the workshop will conclude with an introduction to ways of reading and appreciating the unique perspective, scale and layering of ink and brush landscape painting. To register please RSVP, or contact the GEM Center for the Arts gallery. Text and photo credit, Watson and Tsang, 2019.

Dates in your area:
Gem Center for the Arts
• Fri 8/23/19 - Sun 8/25/19 at 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM