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Emily Reo



• Thu 6/20/19 at - 8:30 PM



Rooney is a five-piece L.A. rock band led by the singer-songwriter Robert Schwartzman. Its original members were high school friends and their big moment was performing their hit "I'm Shakin'" on "The O.C." in 2004. In May 2016 the group released its first album in six years, "Washed Away." At the time Schwartzman said he favored the "sloppy, but poppy, but guitar-driven" sound of '90s rock.


• Fri 6/21/19 at - 8:30 PM

Alejandro Escovedo


Alejandro Escovedo is a straight-ahead, country-tinged roots rocker, having served time in such bands as The Nuns, Rank and File and The True Believers. Since emerging on his own in the early 1990s, he has released nine albums, all of them praised by critics for their power, beauty and sophistication.


• Tue 6/25/19 at - 8:00 PM


Rock,Experimental (Pop/Jazz),Metal

Since the early '90s, Earth has pioneered a slowed down, massively heavy brand of experimental rock that has made them truly mythical in the stoner-rock and metal underground.


• Sat 6/29/19 at - 8:30 PM

Carson McHone


Carson McHone is an Americana singer from Austin, Texas.


• Sun 6/30/19 at - 8:30 PM



Cayucas is a five-piece, indie/surf rock band from Santa Monica, CA.


• Tue 7/2/19 at - 8:30 PM

Electric Six


The Detroit sextet Electric Six mixes garage, disco, punk, new wave and metal into cleverly dumb, in-your-face songs like 'Danger! High Voltage' and 'Gay Bar' from their 2003 debut, "Fire." They're still going strong in the mid-Teens; they released their 11th studio album, "Bitch, Don't Let Me Die," in 2015, and also have a live album, "Absolute Pleasure" (2012).


• Sun 7/7/19 at - 8:30 PM

Jason Eady


Jason Eady is a singer-songwriter, originally from Jackson, Mississippi, whose music is a distillation of country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, folk and Southern rock, but in essence is roots all the way, with organic arrangements, genuine lyrics, and strong lead and harmony vocals, no matter what style of song he is writing.


• Tue 7/9/19 at - 20:30 PM

Kimberly Dunn


Kimberly Dunn is a country music singer/songwriter from San Antonio, TX.


• Thu 7/11/19 at - 8:30 PM

Shawn James


Born on the south side of Chicago, Shawn James had a hardworking, kind mother and a gambling, abusive, drunk father. He grew up singing in church and was drawn to the emotional and ethereal power that music could have over people. It was there that he found his escape and learned how to harness his unique, soulful voice. Shawn now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas and plays a mix of haunting folk and hard-hitting soulful blues.


• Sun 7/14/19 at - 8:30 PM

Bob Schneider


The winner of nearly every Austin Chronicle music award, Bob Schneider is a gifted balladeer.


• Thu 7/18/19 at - 8:30 PM

Ealdor Bealu

Experimental (incl. All Music Forms),Alternative

Ealdor Bealu is an atmospheric heavy-psych quartet from Boise, ID. With a focus on shifting dynamics from the ambient to the massive and back again, their sound expands beyond the boundaries of genre to create a mosaic of sonic praise.


• Sat 7/20/19 at - 8:30 PM

William Elliott Whitmore


Rustic punker William Elliott Whitmore continues to pair aching narratives with sparse instrumental arrangements, work that by turns confounds and consumes.


• Sun 7/21/19 at - 20:30 PM
• Sun 7/21/19 at - 20:30 PM

Still Woozy


Still Woozy is the solo project of Sven Gamsky. He seeks to combine electronic elements with acoustic sounds to create music that feels both familiar and foreign, but that ultimately helps people be a little more intimate and vulnerable with the ones they love.


• Mon 7/22/19 at - 8:30 PM

Horse Jumper of Love

Experimental (Incl. All Music Forms),Rock

Horse Jumper of Love is a three-piece band from Boston.


• Tue 7/23/19 at - 20:30 PM

Garrett T. Capps

Alternative, Americana/Roots, Country, Rock, Indie

From the Lone Star State to the distant edges of the universe, San Antonio’s Garrett T. Capps has ventured to bring his brand of “NASA Country” to the masses following the release of "In The Shadows (Again)." Calling it cosmological would be fitting for Capps, as he has already shared the stage with Flaco Jimenez, Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards), Chicano Batman, Texas legend Kinky Friedman, Shinyribs and more recently noted fan Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) mere months after dropping the record.


• Tue 7/30/19 at - 8:30 PM

Ben Morrison, Guests



• Wed 7/31/19 at - 8:30 PM

The Grateful Shred

Jam Band,Cover/Tribute Band/Performer

The Grateful Shred is a Grateful Dead tribute group based out of Los Angeles.


• Fri 8/2/19 at - 21:00 PM

Stef Chura


Stef Chura is a Detroit-based musician who describes her sound as "grunge pop."


• Sat 8/3/19 at - 8:30 PM

Great Grandpa



• Sun 8/4/19 at - 8:00 PM

Everything is Terrible! Live


'Everything is Terrible!' is the internet sensation video collective responsible for some of the Web's most intriguing viral videos. Their daily postings of genuinely ridiculous videos and out-of-context movie scenes ripped from old VHS releases have been hailed by MTV, Fox, Time, BoingBoing, Buzzfeed, WFMU, Videogum, Best Week Ever, The Soup, and Jezebel, while the CBC deemed it simply "The best site ever."


• Thu 8/8/19 at - 8:30 PM

William Clark Green


Texas-based singer and guitarist, William Clark Green, released his debut CD, 'Dangerous Man,' in 2008.


• Sat 8/10/19 at - 20:30 PM

Pure Bathing Culture


Pure Bathing Culture features the core duo of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille, with instrumentalists Zach Tillman and Brian Wright joining them for live shows.


• Sun 8/11/19 at - 20:30 PM



Melodime is a piano-driven roots rock band made up of brothers who grew up performing music in the hayloft of a their horse farm.


• Tue 8/13/19 at - 20:30 PM



Homeshake is a singer/songwriter from Montreal.


• Thu 8/15/19 at - 20:30 PM

The Appleseed Cast


The Appleseed Cast is a four-piece band based out of Kansas.


• Tue 8/20/19 at - 20:30 PM

Jenny Don't and the Spurs


Lonely desert western style acoustics featuring Paortland's own Jenny Don't on vocals, with Kelly Halliburton playing bass, Sam Henry on drums, and Jt Halmfilst serenading on lead guitar.


• Sat 8/24/19 at - 8:30 PM

Mannequin Pu**y



• Wed 9/4/19 at - 8:30 PM




• Sat 9/14/19 at - 8:30 PM

Jay Som


On her first proper album as Jay Som, Melina Duterte, 22, solidifies her rep as a self-made force of sonic splendor and emotional might. If last year's aptly named Turn Into compilation showcased a fuzz-loving artist in flux—chronicling her mission to master bedroom recording—then the rising Oakland star's latest, Everybody Works, is the LP equivalent of mission accomplished. Duterte is as DIY as ever—writing, recording, playing, and producing every sound beyond a few backing vocals—but she takes us places we never could have imagined, wedding lo-fi rock to hi-fi home orchestration, and weaving evocative autobiographical poetry into energetic punk, electrified folk, and dreamy alt-funk. And while Duterte's early stuff found her bucking against life's lows, Everybody Works is about turning that angst into fuel for forging ahead. "Last time I was angry at the world," she says. "This is a note to myself: everybody's trying their best on their own set of problems and goals. We're all working for something." Everybody Works was made in three furious, caffeinated weeks in October. She came home from the road, moved into a new apartment, set up her bedroom studio (with room for a bed this time) and dove in. Duterte even ditched most of her demos, writing half the LP on the spot and making lushly composed pieces like "Lipstick Stains" all the more impressive. While the guitar-grinding Jay Som we first fell in love with still reigns on shoegazey shredders like "1 Billion Dogs" and in the melodic distortions of "Take It," we also get the sublimely spacious synth-pop beauty of "Remain," and the luxe, proggy funk of "One More Time, Please." Duterte's production approach was inspired by the complexity of Tame Impala, the simplicity of Yo La Tengo, and the messiness of Pixies. "Also, I was listening to a lot of Carly Rae Jepsen to be quite honest," she says. "Her E•MO•TION album actually inspired a lot of the sounds on Everybody Works." There's story in the sounds—even in the fact that Duterte's voice is more present than before. As for the lyrics, our host leaves the meaning to us. So if we can interpret, there's a bit about the aspirational and fleeting nature of love in the opener, and the oddity of turning your art into job on the titular track. There's even one tune, "The Bus Song," that seems to be written as a dialog between two kids, although it plays like vintage Broken Social Scene and likely has more to do with yearning for things out of reach. While there's no obvious politics here, Duterte says witnessing the challenges facing women, people of color, and the queer community lit a fire. And when you reach the end of Everybody Works, "For Light," you'll find a mantra suitable for anyone trying, as Duterte says, "to find your peace even it it's not perfect." As her trusty trumpet blows, she sings: "I'll be right on time, open blinds for light, won't forget to climb."


• Fri 9/20/19 at - 8:30 PM

Mike Watt & The Missingmen


Former Minutemen and fIREHOSE bassist/vocalist Mike Watt established a successful solo career for himself with albums such as 1995's 'Ball-Hog or Tugboat?' and "Contemplating the Engine Room," which was released in 1997. And his legend grew much larger when he joined Iggy & the Stooges as their bassist from 2003 until their final breakup in 2016. In between Stooges work, there was also an early-2010s fIIREHOSE reunion with Ed Crawford and George Hurley. In The Missingmen, Watt is joined by guitarist Tom Watson and Raul Morales.


• Thu 9/26/19 at - 20:30 PM

Boy Harsher


Boy Harsher is a dark electronic duo that produces gritty dance beats infused with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable.


• Sat 10/5/19 at - 9:00 PM

Carbon Leaf


Carbon Leaf is a five-piece band that plays its own style of Celtic-southern-roots rock. The Richmond, VA-based group, which is approaching it's 20th year of recording and touring, has released 10 albums and is currently in the midst of forging a new path of independence as they focus on writing, producing and releasing new material directly to their fans moving forward.


• Tue 10/8/19 at - 8:00 PM

Mike Doughty


His music isn't quite folk, but rather what he terms "small rock," and it's found a growing audience. Since 2000, former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty has been packing small theaters and playing his solo material.


• Wed 10/9/19 at - 8:00 PM

Delta Rae


Siblings Ian, Eric and Brittany Hollies grew up listening to their parents' record collection, which contained James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon. The trio began writing songs together, and Brittany belted out the tunes in a brassy voice. They were eventually joined by their friend Elizabeth Hopkins, a singer, as well as drummer Mike McKee and bassist Grant Emerson.


• Mon 10/14/19 at - 8:00 PM

Brent Cobb


Brent Cobb is a singer-songwriter from Georgia, the son and nephew of songwriters. His cousin, the producer Dave Cobb, brought Brent to L.A. to record an album, "No Place Left to Leave," in 2006.


• Thu 11/7/19 at - 8:30 PM

That 1 Guy

Experimental (Incl. All Music Forms),Funk,Jazz,Electronic

The California musician Mike Silverman, better known by his alter ego That 1 Guy, is a classically trained upright bassist who won several jazz scholarships and competitions. Silverman became one of the most original and in-demand upright bass players in the '90s progressive jazz scene. His self-taught percussive technique – banging the strings and the instrument’s body – led him to develop the Magic Pipe. Eventually frustrated by the inability to get all the sounds in his head from the upright bass, he built a system of electronically wired, steel plumbing, shaped somewhat like a harp, with a thick bass string wired from top to bottom and a hole that billows smoke during the climax of his live shows. Adding an electric cowboy boot plugged in and played like an African talking drum and an electrified musical handsaw, Silverman evolved into That 1 Guy, playing everything with his hands and feet.


• Thu 11/14/19 at - 8:30 PM